गण्डकी प्रदेश तथा स्थानीय तहको लागि अत्यतै महत्वपुर्ण प्रश्नहरु

15 MCQ most Important for Loksewa Success for  CMA/HA/ANM/Staff Nurse


Congratulations on passing your exams. Extremely proud of your achievement. Hope to see you succeed more in the future.

Sorry you have failed exam

5 Essential Steps to Take

1. Don’t Panic
2. Carefully Review Your Exam
3. Make a Plan
4. Go to Office Hours
5. Prepare for the Next Exam

Recovering Strong After a Failed Test

#1. IEC refers to:

#2. TB Treatment duration

● TB treatment duration 6month in New patient (2month IP 4month CP)
● TB treatment duration 9-12 month in Complicated TB(2month IP 7-10 month CP)
● Rifampicin sensitive & Isoniazid sensitive treatment duration 6month
● Rifampicin sensitive & Isoniazid resistance treatment duration 6month
● Rifampicin sensitive & isoniazid unknown then treatment duration 6month.

#3. All of the following are not viral Disease except

● Rubella is caused by toga virus.
● Gonorrhea is caused by Neigesia gonorrhea (Gram negative cocci bacteria)
● Measles is caused by RNA paramixo virus.

#4. A cute girl come to your health post and you identify his blood pH is 7.6 & HCO3 is 33 meq/l then she is suffering from.....

#5. Leprosy elimination was declared in..

● Leprosy control program start 1960
● Dapsone monotherapy 1966
● MDT(Multi Drug Therapy) 1982
● DTLA(District Tuberculosis Leprosy Assistant) 1995
● Nepal declared Leprosy elimination 19 Jan 2010

#6. A 20 year patient with fever and cough > 3 weeks comes to DOTS clinic for sputum AFB, which level of prevention is it?

#7. The objective of NIP is:

● Most cost effective program NIP(National immunization program)
● Child health program includes NIP , Nutrition program & CBIMNCI Program
● EPI launched by WHO in 1974 AD( In Nepal 1977 P1 / 1979 p2)
● Whole Nepal 1988 AD
● Whole world 1985 AD
● EPI changed into NIP in 2003/4 AD
● Multi Dose Vial Policy 2003AD
● AEFI 2004 AD with 31 site
● EPI ORC site 3-5 site
● PHCORC site( 1-5)-p1 / (1-3)- p2 / (2-5)- p3

#8. Complete food is

Food items containing all the necessary nutrients is called complete food. For example, milk is regarded as a complete food. It contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc.

#9. .Rubula is related to:

● Rubula – Mumps
● Rubella – German measles
● Rubeola – Measles

#10. Milk is poor source of

● Milk is poor source of vit C & iron (Iron – P1 & Vit C- P2)
● Meat is poor source of calcium
● Fish is poor source of carbohydrates
● Egg is poor source of vit C & carbohydrates( Carbohydrates – P1 & Vit C- P2)
● Vit C deficiency in Egg- P1 & Milk – P2

● Carbohydrates deficiency in Egg- P1 & Fish – P2
● Complete food milk
● Complete protein Egg
● Reference protein Egg
● Suitable protein Egg

#11. Weakest study is .....

#12. Shakir’s tape is used to measure:

o Newborn: Pan scale
o Child : Salter scale
o Adult: Bathroom scale
# Height
o Less than 2 years: Infant meter
● More than 2 years: Stadiometer
● Head and chest circumference is measured by Non stretchable Measuring
● Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) is measured by Shakir tape.
● Taken left arm for 6month to 59 month
● Constant in 1-5 years age of child
● Length 6-26cm (pregnant 6-50cm)

#13. Most common complication of uterine prolapse in context of Nepal

#14. Which one of the following condition is not classified in the illness of the child below 2 months according to the CBIMNCI protocol?

0-2 month :-
● Infection
● Joundice
● Hypothermia
● Concelling of breast feeding
2month to 5years
● Diarrhea
● Measles
● Malaria
● Malnutrition
● Ear problem
● Eye problem
● Anemia

#15. Universal immunization day is celebrated on:

● Immunization day 10 Nov
● Immunization week last April
● Immunization month baishakh


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