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#1. Small for date new born has percentile less than

Small for date/ Small for gestational age is defined a weight below 10th percentile for the gestational age.

#2. Pre term classification

Preterm is defined as babies born alive before 37 weeks of pregnancy is completed.

<28 weeks is extremely pre term (< 28 weeks).

28 weeks to < 32 weeks is very pre term (28-31 weeks).

32 weeks to < 37 weeks is mild pre term (32-36 weeks).

#3. First 7 days of life is

First 7 days is called early neonatal period

#4. Normal range of birth weight of a new born is

Average birth weight of a newborn is 2500-3000 gm.

#5. The period between 28 weeks of gestation to 7 days after birth is known as

The period between 28 weeks of gestation to 7 days after birth is known as perinatal period.

#6. A child is unable to drink and skin pinch goes back very slowly. Tears absent and tongue very dry. Which treatment plan would you initiate

As per the description, the child is suffering from severe dehydration and in this case, treatment plan C is used.

Refer to WHO classification of dehydration (no, some and severe dehydration), given below.

#7. Ovum period is

0-2 weeks (14 days): Ovum period/ germinal period

#8. Extremely low birth weight is weight

<2500 gm: Low birth weight

<1500 gm: Very low birth weight

< 1000 gm: Extremely low birth weight

#9. Post term delivery means delivery of the baby after

Preterm delivery: < 258 days

Term delivery: 259 days-293 days

Post term delivery: 2 294 days

#10. The highest value in APGAR scoring is

There are 5 parameters in APGAR scoring

Total highest score will be 10.


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