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#1. Which of the following is example of opioids?

Examples of opioids include Buprenorphine, Methadone, Tramadol, Morphine, Codeine, Pethidine and Heroin.

#2. Which of the following should not be done during first aid?

During first aid

Do not get excited.

Check for danger and then check for responsiveness.

Check airway, breathing and circulation.

#3. Which of the following symptoms may be present in organophosphate poisoning?

Some other clinical features, patient with organophosphate poisoning presents with include:






Muscle weakness


#4. Which of the following is not the classical finding in opioid toxicity?

Classical findings in opioid toxicity are CNS depression, respiratory depression and miosis (constriction of pupil). Mydriasis is dilatation of pupil.

#5. Which of the following is not true about first aid?

First Aid is an immediate and temporary care given to a

victim of an accident or sudden illness before the services of a physician is obtained.

Purposes of first aid are:

To save life

To prevent further injury

To preserve vitality and resistance to infection

#6. Which of the following is not the feature of organophosphate poisoning?

D= Diarrhea (with Abdominal pain)

U = Urination (Incontinence)

M = Miosis

B =Bradycardia, Bronchorrhoea, Bronchoconstriction

E = Emesis

L= Lacrimation

S=Salivation, Sweating and Increased Secretions (Rhinorrhoea) The above-mentioned clinical features are due to muscarinic effects.

#7. Poison enters the human body through

Poison enters the human body through absorption through the skin, ingestion, inhalation and injection (snake bite).

#8. Which of the following should be done during first aid?

During first aid

-Keep the victim warm and comfortable. Remove enough to get a clear idea to the extent of the injury.

-Examined the victim gently. Treat the most urgent injuries first and then treat the other injuries to the best of your ability.

Avoid allowing the victim to see his own injury.

-Do not try to give any solid or liquid substance by mouth to an unconscious victim nor to a victim who has sustained an injury.

-Do not touch open wounds or burns with fingers or other objects except when sterile compresses or bandages are not available and It is absolutely necessary to stop bleeding.

#9. Agent to counteract the poison is known as

Agent to counteract the poison is known as antidote. Antibiotics are used in bacterial infections. Antiviral are used in viral infections.

#10. Which of the following is universal antidote?

Glucagon is antidote for Insulin:

Naloxone is antidote for Opioids.

Vitamin K is antidote for Warfarin.

Protamine sulfate is antidote for Heparin. Activated charcoal is universal antidote.


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