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#1. Which of the following is most important chief complaint in emergency department?

The most common chief complaint, patient comes with is pain.

#2. Personal history includes

Personal history includes smoking, alcohol and dietary habit information.

#3. Description of chief complaints is done in which section history taking

Description of chief complaint should be done in history of presenting illness. -In past history, we should mention about past illness, surgery and
hospitalization. -In family history, we should mention about any similar significant diseases/illness in the family members.

#4. What percentage of diagnosis can you make from history taking alone

If patient’s history is taken properly, 80 % of diagnosis can be made.

#5. While taking history, we should ask patient's name for all purpose given below, except

Asking name at the start of history taking with comfort the discussion, maintain close relation with patient and it can be used for record purpose. We should never disclose patients information to others.

#6. Pedigree chart is drawn under

Pedigree chart contains information about family members and should be included in family history.

#7. What are the points you need to ask while describing pain?

Site, onset, character, radiation, associated factors, timing, severity, exacerbating factors and relieving factors should be asked while describing the pain.

#8. Which of the following section of history you wont ask to an unmarried girl of 16 years

All the sections are important, except the obstetrics history, which is asked to a married woman.

#9. Which of the following is not true about chief complaint?

Chief complaint may be multiple but we should select few important chief complaints and mention them along with duration in chronological order in patient’s own words. Use of technical terms and description should not be done in chef complaint.

#10. While asking chief complaints, which of the following true

Chief complaints should be in patient’s word, it should be in one line and in chronological order.


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