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50 MCQ H.A, CMA, AMM and Staff Nurse loksewa success 50 Question Answer MCQ practice daily H.A, CMA, AMM and Staff Nurse loksewa success 50 Question Answer MCQ practice daily your exams. Hope to see you succeed more in the future.


Congratulations on passing your exams. Extremely proud of your achievement. Hope to see you succeed more in the future.

Sorry you have failed exam

5 Essential Steps to Take

1. Don’t Panic
2. Carefully Review Your Exam
3. Make a Plan
4. Go to Office Hours
5. Prepare for the Next Exam

Recovering Strong After a Failed Test

#1. The first PHC-ORC activities was started in

#2. Pea soup diarrhea is the feature of:

#3. Stepladder pattern of fever is seen in :

#4. 1st cell of defense mechanism is:

#5. Heart attack भए हुने Shock लाई के भनिन्छ?

#6. Nasal mucosa को inflammation गर्ने कारण के हो?

#7. Total number of Regional Hospital is

#8. The major symptom of cholera is...

#9. Metacid कुन poisoning हाे

#10. Internal route अन्तर्गत कुन पदैन ?

#11. Antibody is related to:

#12. मुटुमा कुन autonomus nervous system ले काम गर्छ

#13. सबैभन्दा कम blood pressure कहाँ हुन्छ?

#14. Wind pipe is:

#15. Drug of choice for treatment of chronic carrier of typhoid fever

#16. Phototherapy कुन राेगकाे उपचारमा प्रयोग गरिन्छ ?

#17. P. Falciparum मलेरिया काे ? अौषधी कुन हाे

#18. Health and Population ministry has recently changed its name to

#19. Which one of the following is not the critics(आलोचना) of definition of health given by WHO?

#20. Most common species of plasmodium in Nepal is:

#21. Renal glucose Threshold कति हुन्छ?

#22. आँखा दान गर्दा कुन भाग दान गरिनछ ?

#23. रगत धेरै बगेर हुने shock लाई के भनिन्छ?

#24. Who is the head of the Health post ?

#25. Temporary Teeth मा कुन teeth Absent हुन्छ ?

#26. Acute rheumatic fever मा कुन अंगमा असर देखिदैन?

#27. The incubation period of Giardiasis is

1 to 14 days (average of 7 days)

#28. Peptic ulcer काे investigation कुन हाे?

#29. Antibiotic of choice for cholera in pregnant women is:

#30. Dwarfism भननाले के बुझिन्छ

#31. Filariasis ले असर गर्ने primary organ कुन हाे ?

#32. WHO ले स्वास्थ्यको परिभाष कहिले दिएको हो ?

#33. Hypertension के लक्षण कुन हो?

#34. Which of the following is a source of drugs?

#35. सामन्यतया बच्चाले आफ्नो लिङ्ग चिन्न सक्ने कति उमेरमा हुनछ?

#36. Head circumference 35 cm भन्दा बढि भएमा के भएकाे हुन सक्छ?

#37. COPD को पूरा नाम के हाे ?

#38. Pneumonia कुन अंगममा लाग्ने राेग हाे?

#39. सामान्यतया बच्चाकाे ताैल कति हुनछ?

#40. Drop लाई Latin भाषामा के भनिन्छ ?

#41. Malaria कुन cell सँग सम्बन्धि रङ्ग हो ?

#42. सबैभन्दा बढी Inflammation भइरहने sinus कुन हो?

#43. पानी सुद्धिकरण गर्ने सबैभन्दा सस्तो र प्रभावकारी तरिका कुन हो ?

#44. Brain .र spinal cord लाई कति layer ले ढाकेको हुनछ ?

#45. Irrational Drug therapy भनेकाे.... हाे?

#46. AHW acts as incharge in

#47. सामान्यतया sedimentation गर्दा कति समयसम्म गर्नुपर्छ ।

#48. रक्तनलीको Diameter कुन center ले control गर्छ

#49. Which of the following past is "Fajil"?

#50. Incubation period of acute rheumatic fever is:


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