50 mcq loksewa question answer50 mcq loksewa question answer

50 MCQ H.A, CMA, AMM and Staff Nurse loksewa success 50 Question Answer MCQ practice daily H.A, CMA, AMM and Staff Nurse loksewa success 50 Question Answer MCQ practice daily your exams. Hope to see you succeed more in the future.


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#1. Community drug program is implemented In Fiscal year 2060/2061 (2003/2004) in......

#2. Which one of the following clinical features is not of kwashiorkor:

#3. Mast sensitive measure of growth is:

#4. Vaccines can be stored at the health centers up to...

#5. A primi gravida at 8 weeks PoG comes with complain of vaginal bleed with passing of grapes like structures. The likely diagnosis is:

#6. Incubation period of cholera is:

#7. LMD has initiated web based LMIS since

#8. The freshly prepared ORS should not be used after:

#9. The target group for T/D is:

#10. A priority goal of Involuntary hospitalization of the severely mentally ill client is

#11. Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine campaign was first started in:

#12. Motibindu

#13. Which eyes disease is common among old people?

#14. Gingivitis is initiated most commonly by:

#15. Which is not a clinical feature of Marasmus among these?

#16. Not a contraindication of OCPs is:

#17. Who of the following is at greatest risk of developing sensory problem?

#18. The causative organism of Impetigo

#19. Major cause of enteric fever is:

#20. Inactivated Polio Vaccine was started in Nepal in:

#21. Which of the following is the most common symptoms of myocardial infarction?

#22. NIP program was started initially in Nepal with following vaccines:

#23. The ideal temperature for storage of vaccines in Refrigerator is

#24. A 25 years old lady with amenorrhea for 2 months come in emergency with severe pain lower abdomen and vaginal bleeding. What is the possible cause?

#25. Period of communicability of a cholera case

#26. Ma. Le. Pa form no 47 related with...........

#27. "2 child logo' iodized salt was issued in:

#28. Deficiency of Vitamin C causes:

#29. Sterilization is defined as

#30. Functions of management includes:

#31. Allocated staff nurse of health post is

#32. The complication of Impetigo is

#33. How many PHC-ORC run during 1 month

#34. Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine was Introduced in Nepal

#35. If a patient's complain includes more than 3 systems then a health worker can suspects she/he might have:

#36. The process of observing subordinate working correction in accordance with policies are defined under:

#37. Which is the best way of sterilization of instrument?

#38. Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) ig given by route.

#39. Dettol is

#40. Which of the following conditions is most commonly responsible for myocardial Infarction?

#41. स्वास्थ्य सेवा ऐन, २०५३ ले हेल्थ असिष्टेण्ट / स्टाफनर्स पदलाई कुन तहका रहने व्यवस्था गरेको छ?

#42. All of the following are doe as emergency management for fracture and injury except:

#43. The most effective skin antiseptics is:

#44. स्वास्थ्य सेवा ऐनमा......परिच्छेद र.... दफ रहेका छन् ?

#45. Not caused by DMPA:

#46. The percentage burn is calculated by

#47. The last case of Polio Myelitis was seen in Nepal in:

#48. Action of chlorine maximum when water PH is around:

#49. All are "Water Washed Diseases" except:

#50. .... is the ability of individuals or groups to induce or influence the beliefs or action of other person or groups:


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